Project Life: (My) Week 14

Hello there. I managed to finish another week of Project Life and I'm still (yes) loving it.

Did I do anything different this week? Yep.

1. I downloaded the Momento ap for my iPhone. It keeps track of all my social networking feeds and pretty much gives me an overview of each day of the week. I was easily able to look through each day of this particular week and pick the stories I wanted to tell. I knew what pictures went with different stories and different days of the week. Totally love this ap and I'm not sure why I didn't get it sooner. 

2. I went stash diving. I decided I wanted to use bright, happy colors this week. So I searched through my digi supplies for colors like orange, yellow and green. I used all sorts of supplies that aren't Project Life specific. I'm thrilled with the results and with the fact that I used so much of my stash.

3.  No inserts. I didn't have anything I wanted to highlight and since I was late getting my pages done anyway ... I blew off creating inserts. 

Left/first page

Right/second page
I really think that the weeks I stress less and just "go" with it are the weeks that I love my pages the most. I love, love these pages.I was talking to Mike about my PL pages and he was telling me he felt like I was telling a fuller story. These pages are more like journal pages. They have a lot more meat, even if my journaling is only a few sentences here and there. They are a total slice of life. I think this style appeals to the journalist in me ... I get to share all the facts, the whole story and with perspective.

What do you love best about Project Life?


This week I linked up with The Mom Creative and One Happy Mama. Both are filled with great Project Life inspiration.