Take 12: March

Totally loving this simple project. One day a month, 12 photos ... and it tells such a wonderful and different story each month. I've already seen so much diversity in my days and it's only been three months. I can't wait to see the whole year.

I used a template from Ali Edwards to create this page.
I'll be adding it, as an insert, to my Project Life album.

1: My morning vice, DDP. Some people drink coffee, I drink Diet Dr. Pepper. I’ve even got Mike drinking it, though he still drinks his coffee first.

2: Poor little sick Coop. I have all his medicines lined up on the counter, so Mike won’t forget to give them to him after I leave. Luckily I think it's mostly allergies.
3: My early morning buddy. Everyone else is still asleep. Coop’s watching Diego and sneaking an occasional hug and kiss from Mama.
4: Checking email before school drop off. I do this a lot throughout my day (s). 
5: In the car, headed to preschool and school. Shelby is mad at the moment (long story) and Cooper is playing with my iPad (he’s addicted).
6: Weekly weigh in. Goal weight achieved. Now time to change my goals and make them more fitness oriented.
7: Folding one last load of laundry before I head out on my trip. I really hate leaving knowing my household chores aren’t done. I also did the dishes this morning for that very reason.
8: All packed up, I'm quite obsessive about how I pack! Everything has its place and I bring the same things for every, single trip. Same shoes, same clothes, same jewelry, etc …
9: At the airport and checking in. There are serious perks of being loyal to a single airline: priority check-in, jumping to the front of the security line, free upgrades …
10: Lunch on my flight, a "perk" of being up in first class; though this lunch left a lot to be desired.
11: Home away from home for the next couple of days. Another week, another hotel room; they’re all starting to blend together.
12: Corn beef and cabbage for dinner. I didn’t have to dine alone, as my dear friend Angela is also on site with me this week. We had a lovely time together – catching up and having tasty food.