{Free} Printable: Week 14

Hello world! Happy Monday. It’s a great day. Great because I’m home. No travel this week, which always make my family happy.

For this week’s printable, I went back to making journaling cards. Since my family is fresh off Spring Break and I know lots of other people have had Spring Break, on Spring Break or headed to Spring Break, I figured Spring Break-themed cards would be good. I also wanted bright colors, since bright, happy colors make me happy. I totally love color. The brighter the better.

I recently found the web site, Colour Lovers, which allows you to search for color schemes/combinations based on all sorts of crazy criteria. I searched for “Easter” and the colors I used in this week’s printable came back as part of the results. It’s a super cool web site. You could easily get lost for hours and hours looking at all the fun colors combos and the inspiration on the site. 

Anyway, here’s this week’s printable. Hope you like ‘em. Tell your friends! Print them! Enjoy them!Share them!

PREVIEW_JournalingCards_Week14 Download your high-resolution journaling cards here


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