{Free} Template Tuesday

Here it is. This week’s template. Not surprising, it features some journaling/word strips. I love me some word and journaling strips. Looking back at my layouts for the last year, I use them ALL the time. I am a firm believer in finding what you love and sticking with it. 

Template_10_KRDKYou can download a fully layered, PSD file here.

Here’s the layout that inspired this template:


The journaling reads:

This picture, in gigantic poster form, hung on the ceiling above my bed throughout my high school years. I loved, loved Duran Duran. They were the first thing I saw in the morning and the last thing I saw each night. I would dream of Simon LeBon rescuing me from my mundane existence. I pretended John Taylor was in love with me and practiced kissing him on many of my stuffed animals. I seriously thought I would marry one of the band members -- I didn’t care which guy, I just wanted one of them! I remember listening to “Hungry Like a Wolf” on my little Walkman and memorizing every, single word of the song.  I would play the song over and over again. Rewinding at the parts I didn’t quite get. Oh man, I loved them. To say I had a crush on these guys would have been an understatement. And when I hear a Duran Duran song, even now, I melt a little inside. (Journaling: 1.5.2012)


Please download the template. Create a page. Share what you’ve done, I’d love to see you’re work. And tell your friends!