Free Printable: Week 18

Happy Monday. How’s it going? After a week of documenting the every move of my children, I’m feeling a little pooped. I almost feel like I need a vacation. But no vacation. There’s work and school and life … things just keep chugging along. This week I’m in Ft. Collins, Colorado for a few days. The one and only time I’ve ever been to Ft. Collins was almost 20 years ago. One of my friends from high school (Scott) went to college at Colorado State and my BFF (who is still my BFF) and I came here to visit him. I can’t believe it’s been 20 years. My 20 year high school reunion is this fall, so it’s definitely been 20 years. But wow. Time flies.

Anyway. That’s not really what this post is about. It’s supposed to be about this week’s printable. I personally needed a little break from journaling cards. Love them, but I just wanted to do something else this week. So I have a little piece of digi art.

This printable is one I whipped up to use in my guest room. The green was taken from new bedding I bought for the guest bed. And the quote is from Walt Disney, someone I’ve always loved. When I was little I wanted to work at Disneyland. I had big plans of being a Disney Ambassador.

Week18_DreamsComeTrueDownload a high-resolution, printer ready copy here.


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