Week in the Life: Saturday

I think my children get together and make a plan to take turns being naughty and melting down. Saturday was Cooper’s day. There was lots of toy stealing (Cooper taking whatever Shelby had); screaming and kicking (from Cooper when he got in trouble); and lots of “No, Mama” (Cooper whenever I told him to do anything). Three is such a tough age. Or maybe every age is tough just in different ways?

Anyway. Let’s start with the good stuff. Shelby had a great day, which meant we were able to do some fun stuff. Shopping, pedicures, lunch out and a trip to the county fair. And even with staying up super late and having to make adjustments for her very cranky little brother … she didn’t have a single meltdown Saturday. 


Shelby loves her scooter and hops on any chance she gets. She just got a skate board for her birthday and that’s her new love. She’s not as comfortable on it yet, so she still favors her scooter. While out and about we hit up Target and Shelby picked out a toy as payment for a week of unprotested picture taking. I love that when we’re out, Shelby is still willing to hold my hand.


We also got our toes painted (Shelby got a mini manicure as well). We’ve been going to the same nail salon for five years now. They know our entire family by name (the owner’s daughter has even babysat for us) and adore Shelby. They’re always thrilled to see her and welcome her with lots of hugs. Before we headed home, Shelby and I stopped for lunch. She managed to inhale a six-inch steak and cheese sandwich in a matter of minutes. She’s going through a serious growth spurt right now and eats like a linebacker.

Shelby is back on track with the ticket program. In fact, she’s really into it. I was working on purging supplies from my craft room and when I came downstairs I found tickets sitting on my laptop. She had bought a show and wanted a second one. Rather than sneaking another show (since I wasn’t in the room), she paid for it without being told.


After it cooled off (it’s already super hot here) we went to the Pima County Fair. Shelby loves carnival style games and talked Daddy into playing them with her. Shelby was super excited to win a few prizes. The highlight was when she did the rock climbing wall. She didn’t think she was going to be able to do it and then she flew up the wall. She was so proud of herself.



As I mentioned before, Coop’s day wasn’t as great. It look like this most of the day:


But there were a few calmer moments like this:


After his nap (which was proceed with 45 minutes of screaming, kicking, begging and every trick possible to get out of said nap), Cooper was in a calmer mood. He happily watch some Nick Jr. shows on Daddy’s laptop while I did chores around the house. Then we headed out for our adventure and difficult Cooper returned!


At the fair, Cooper loved all the rides. As soon as one ended he’d say “Let’s do it again.” The BIG slide was his favorite. And when you wouldn’t let him ride a second time, he’d scream and throw a tantrum. He didn’t want to ride in his stroller. He didn’t want to hold hands. He was a handful.

We didn’t get home until after 10 p.m. .. super late for my kids. Shelby went right to bed! And Cooper, we’ll he had a harder time winding down. But. Really, we had a great day, with many great memories made. And that’s what matters, right?



When I started this project I was scared. Scared I wouldn’t keep up. I decided to meet that fear straight on and go all in. I have taken more photos with my DSLR this week than I have in ages. I’ve sorted through and edited so many great photos.

Since I had decided I was going to focus on Cooper and Shelby this week, I figured I’d exclusively be telling their story. But that’s the interesting thing about families. Our stories are intertwined. As I tell their story, mine emerges as well. Though the books I’m making are all about them, they’re also all about motherhood and what my life is like right now as the mother of an 8 and 3 year-old. So even there isn’t a single photo of me from this week and less than five of Mike … we’re still there. Our story is being told, just from a different perspective. How cool is that?