Week in the Life: Friday

Friday was pretty much a crap day. Sorry. I’m not always sunshine and flowers!

I’ve had a busy week with my “real” job, which can be stressful. I had a neurology appointment for my migraines. It took me 6 weeks to get this appointment and I ended up waiting almost an hour to see the doctor and then he spent all of 5 minutes with me … if that.

Shelby_WITL_6_2Shelby when I was dropping her off at school, long before her colossal meltdown.

Topping it all off was Shelby and a major meltdown. She screamed and kicked in her seat all the way home from school, which is a 20 minute drive. She fell asleep just before we got home and then I sent her to time out when we pulled in the garage. She ended up going right back to sleep and sleeping until morning. After a few good days and feeling optimistic about our new program, such a huge meltdown made me feel defeated and deflated.

Shelby_WITL_6_1Shelby asleep in time out.

This morning, Shelby had to turn over tickets she lost as a result of her bad behavior. Surprisingly, there was no meltdown. She knew what the consequences were and was ready to pay the piper. Since then, she’s been behaving quite well. I need to remind myself it’s going to take come time before Shelby completely stops melting down (if ever). In the last few months we’ve been having super-doper meltdowns at least five times a week. Screaming, kicking, lots of drool, throwing herself around, etc. This week we’ve had less, so that’s progress (right?).



Cooper had another good potty day at school. Just one accident. I hope we can capitalize on that and make the potty happen at home too.

With Shelby asleep so early, this meant Coop got a lot of one-on-one time. I pulled out a bunch of his toys and tried to get him to play with me on the floor rather than watch TV. He was most interested in some blocks and we built towers for a good hour. We’d build them, knock them over, laugh like crazy, and then do it all again.


Aside from his blocks, Cooper was interested in playing with and loving on his Boots doll. Cooper recently discovered Dora and it’s quickly passing Mickey Mouse as his favorite show. His stuffed Boots toy is now as important as his blanket. Both go with him every where. His blankie is on it's last leg. I’m dreading the day it just falls apart (it’s almost there).



How was your Friday? In the end, I fell asleep on the couch at 8:30 p.m. All the drama wore me out. That and a migraine (the first I’ve had in 4 weeks, which is a record). Truthfully, I’m grateful to be recording everything that' we’re going though with Shelby. It’s going to give me perspective years from now and it might just help her later in life. It’s just tough being right there in the middle of it all.