Holy Moly: look who’s three


On this day -- three years ago -- March Madness was in full swing. Michigan, our doctor’s alma mater was playing in the finals. I was scheduled to be induced a week early, but my water broke before I left for the hospital and I went into labor on my own. After a day of labor, Cooper arrived and changed my world for the better.

It was a week before my due date, but I was TOTALLY ready to welcome our baby boy into the world. And it was my Grandpa’s birthday … so Cooper got an extra name, Edward, to honor that connection.

Three years old. Holy cow. Seriously? Where did the time go?

Cooper Rex Edward is the sweetest, brightest, happiest little boy. Ever. He is a firecracker (like his sister). He’s a boundless supply of energy. He runs. He jumps. He climbs. He screams. He dances. He’s all boy. It’s not uncommon to find Cooper climbing on something and if you don’t catch him, then he’ll jump from whatever he’s scaled.

Some things about Cooper ...

  • Favorite toy? Anything Mickey Mouse, but especially his new Mickey Mouse baby. He also loves his trains, trucks and Legos right now.
  • Favorite fruit? Strawberries
  • Favorite TV show? Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Favorite snack? Fruit Stick or Puffs
  • Favorite song? Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
  • Favorite book? The “David” series
  • Best friend? Shelby
  • What is your favorite cereal? Lucky Charms
  • Favorite thing to do outside? Ride (pushed) on his Tryke or play in the sandbox Daddy built.
  • Favorite drink? Chocolate milk
  • What does Coop take to bed each night? His blanket, a cup, Mickey Mouse (two of them) and Minnie Mouse.
  • Coop’s favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Lucky Charms or squeezable yogurt … if he eats at all. He’s not a big eater. He goes in fits and spurts. Some days he eats a ton and other days he survives on milk.
  • Favorite activity? The bath. Cooper begs to go in the bath.

Adore. I adore this boy. I love to hold his hand. I love to snuggle with him. I love that each night he sneaks into our room and wants to “sleep mama’s bed.” He makes me laugh. He loves his family (especially Shelby). He totally digs school. Trucks, trains, cars and Legos are now his preferred play things. He’s very much a little boy and no longer a baby. Just recently, when I was buying him some new Spring/Summer clothes my heart broke a little when I had to buy him 5T and x-small clothes in the big-boy section.

He’s still not potty trained, though he’s starting to really dislike his diaper. He often takes off his soiled diaper and then informs us (bare bottomed) that he needs a new, fresh one. Cooper loves to wear hats. It’s never a problem to get him to wear a sun hat. He loves to wear shoes, and is always ready to get dressed from head to toe when he wakes up. But if you take off his sneakers, the socks MUST come off. I love how quirky he can be at times.

Cooper has two trucks he likes to play with: one small and one a bit larger. He calls one the Mother Truck and the other on the Baby Truck ... but his t's come out like f's. So you can imagine our horror and then amusement as he said Mother Truck and Baby Truck over and over tonight as he was playing with his trucks. He even likes to make these two trucks snuggle. It’s hilarious to watch and listen to him have his Mother Truck and Baby Truck snuggle.

I’m so excited to see what this third year holds. More talking, more words, more stories, more adventures … I can’t imagine my world without this boy and I can’t wait to grow and change with him in the months and years to come.

Happy Birthday my boy. Mama loves you.