Surgery sucks


Well, actually it really doesn’t. Pre-operation prep and recovery suck. I honestly don’t remember anything past being rolled into the operating room. I looked around and thought “Man, this place seems messy. It needs to be organized. Maybe some shelves and cute bins.” And then I was out. Later, when I told Mike what I was thinking as they roll me in, he laughed and said “Of course you did … that’s my wife.” And as quickly as I was asleep, I was awake again in recovery. Groggy, but awake.

I’m already home -- woo hoo for me -- and resting. Yes, I have pain. But I also have a comfy bed and pain meds. My worst pain is actually my throat from the breathing tube. The largest of my four incisions also aches, but I’m sure it could be worse. My right shoulder and back are killing me and I can’t sleep on my right side. Not sure where this is coming from, but I hope it passes soon.

The pre-op prep was torture. I had to stop eating solid foods Sunday night. Only clear liquids on Monday to go with my bowel prep. Seriously, you don’t want to know about this or ever have to do it yourself. You drink something yucky and then poop your guts out for what seems like forever (12 hours for me). I lost 5 pounds in the process. It’s miserable. You have to stay within steps of your toilet and even then you run the risk of pooping your shorts (yes I did this, three times). SUCKS. By time I got to the hospital on Tuesday, I had a raging headache -- no food, no caffeine and fire butt … no wonder I was feeling miserable. At that point I was thrilled to be having surgery. I just wanted the whole thing over with.

There’s a good chance the reason I pooped my pants pre-surgery is I have some serious quirks that I can’t let go … even if I’m about to have surgery. I HAD to do the dishes (no one wants to come home to dirty dishes, right?). I HAD to the laundry (poopy shorts, need I say more). I HAD to vacuum the downstairs (Cooper had taken saltine crackers and crumbled them on the floor, just because). And I HAD to make the master bed (Mike’s parents were helping with the kids and I didn’t want them to see my bed unmade … yes, I’m neurotic). Though it might have caused some messy shorts for me, keeping busy is therapeutic for me. Sitting and thinking = bad news for me.

To make this easier on me, here’s the scoop for everyone  … which means I won’t have to say it a million times. My doctor says the tumor was benign. They still sent it to pathology and will have concrete results in a week. She said when she got in there it was clear it wasn’t cancer. She also found some other oddities, totally unrelated, and took care of those while I was opened up. The tumor was quite large and it wasn’t clear where it ended and my ovary started, so I lost both. See ya, wouldn’t want to be.ya. I’m glad to be rid of ‘em.

As for today. More rest and recovery. I’m hoping to quickly ease back into the my exercise routine, but we’ll see how that goes. I’m also grateful not to be traveling any time soon. I’m not sure I could handle that. So … off to nap I go. The vicodin is kicking in!


Note: Normally I post my Project Life pages on Thursdays … but they aren’t done yet. I’m cutting myself some slack and hope to catch up on them soon. I’m only a week behind, so that’s not too bad.