Week in the Life: Monday



Both kids made it to school on time, which is a struggle for me.

Shelby has decided she doesn’t want her picture take any more. I bribed her and $10 later she’s willing to let me take photos of her for just this week.

Had a meeting with Shelby’s teacher regarding her meltdowns and tendency to overreact. New plan in place.

Picked Shelby up from school and headed to Starbucks for a snack and to work on homework before karate.

Realized I forgot Shelby’s karate bag. No karate.

Picked Cooper up from preschool. Met with his teachers. He’ll be wearing underwear Tuesday to resume potty training. They also told me he doesn’t eat lunch. No surprise. He’s a picky, picky eater.

Took both kids to get their hair cut.

Home for dinner (spaghetti, something they’ll both eat) and the last bit of homework.

Babysitter arrived (we have a concert to go to). New to us babysitter. Kids are confortable right away. Shelby has a second dinner of pizza and cheese bread. They play Monopoly Jr. until bed time.


Shelby is struggling with her behavior right now. We are so much a like. There are things she struggles with that even as an adult I struggle with as well. The difference is that as an adult, I have learned to control my temper and hold my tongue (most of the time). I was explaining to Shelby why I was doing this project and it became even clearer to me. I don’t remember what I was like at eight. I wish I did. Maybe if I did, I could better help Shelby. I could ask my parents, but that was almost 30 years (six kids) ago … I’m not sure they’d remember. When Shelby has an 8-year-old and he asks her “What were you like at eight Mom?” … Shelby will be able to pull out this book and show him. The more I think about it, the more excited I get. Is it a lot of work? Yes. Will it be worth it? TOTALLY!