One Little Word: April

This month’s prompt had us writing a letter to ourselves detailing where we are in our One Little Word journey and where we want to be in a year. This was a fun assignment for me and the words came fast and easy. Like other months, I’ll just been adding these pieces into my Project Life album (using a C-Line 4x6 Pocket Page). These are super flashy, rather they are hyper simple. Just the template Ali provided in the class, a digital sheet of paper and type.

Here’s the first half of my letter:


And here’s the second half:



In case you’re following along … My word for 2012 is DO. I didn’t create anything for the March One Little Word assignment. I did the assignment, which was to take deliberate action in relation to your word. That I did. I set a goal (see my first letter) and I killed it! Once I was DOING, I didn’t feel the need to create some sort of layout to go with it. And I DID it so quickly, I didn’t need a calendar reminder that it was time to DO.