Week in the Life: Tuesday

Tuesday was my third day of documenting and colleting all sorts of little bits for my two books. I’m really glad I decided to focus just on the kids. The whole process is a lot of work and I appreciate the break I’ve been getting in the middle of the day when I have “real” work to do.

Here’s a peek at photos from the day …



Shelby had another meltdown on Tuesday. She flipped out when I was time to do homework. I sent her to timeout and she wrote me a note (see above) and slipped it under her door. It cracked me up, which I’m sure wasn’t her intended response. Mike took Shelby to school today, which is out of our routine (at least our routine when I’m home). 



Cooper is at such a great age. He’s full of so much chatter and has an opinion about everything. Check out the big bonk on his head. He was leaning back in his chair at preschool and fell. The fruit sticks are my  go to snack for Cooper, since he’s a super picky eater. And my favorite photo of the day is the one with his blanket on his shoulders. His poor blankie is on its last leg!


I cannot wait to put this all together. These books are going to be amazing. I haven’t been tracking every single thing each kid does, each and every day … but rather, I’m focusing on the major story that emerges.