Currently: May 11


listening to a reporter conduct a phone interview. This week I’m working at the Fort Collins Coloradoan.

wearing jeans, a bright (happy) orange shirt, black sweater and leopard print flats (it’s casual Friday of course).  

drinking a bottle of water. I’ve reached my caffeine limit for the day, so all I‘ll let myself have is water.

thinking I’m ready to go home. 

wishing my time home was going to be longer than just the weekend. I hit the road again on Monday.   

reading "Ten Poems to Set You Free” … it’s so good (pictured above). I’m already wishing I had the other books in the series. 

eating nothing … though there are some yummy looking mini-cupcakes staring me down (again, see photo above). Must. Say. No. 

wondering when I’ll be able to fit my workouts in this weekend. I need to do at least 16 miles between now and Tuesday if I’m going to stay on track and hit 100 miles in May.  

enjoying the Digi Show podcast. I’m always stalking iTunes waiting for the new episode to drop. 

feeling excited. I booked a business trip to California for later this month and Shelby is going to tag along. I have some work in the town next to my mom’s … so when I’m working, Shelby will be hanging with Grandma. Just the two of us are going, so it' will be a fun adventure. The trip lands on Shelby’s first week of summer vacation, so we’re starting things off with a bang.

wanting 6 p.m. to come. That’s when I’ll pack up my laptop and hit the road. And a cute top I saw on sale at The Gap (it’s on sale!).

needing to find a few more work outfits that pack well and can easily rotate into my current wardrobe (that means they must coordinate with black). Much of my work wardrobe is too big and I just haven’t purchased a lot of new, work appropriate clothes.

weather is freezing. It was in the 80s yesterday and now it’s back down to 43 and threatening to rain. I’m ready for Arizona sunshine and heat.



I thought I’d also share my most recent layout:

LOAD11_May2012_IFoundYouMamaCredits: Pink Paislee, I Love My Boy kit

Journaling reads:

Every single time Cooper and I do FaceTime our conversation starts the same way.
“I push the button Mama.”
“Good job Cooper.”
We wait, not so patiently, for FaceTime to connect.
“Mama, I pushed the button,” he adds, a little annoyed.
“I know. Just a second Coop, it’s coming.”
Then my face pops on his screen and he squeals in delight.
“There you are Mama. I found you!” Each time he seems surprised and thrilled when I magically appear on his screen.
FaceTime is a Godsend for me. Each night I’m away, it comes to my rescue and let’s me put my kids to bed with a smile and a song.