Project Life: Week 22

Another week down;  and I (still) really love this project and the album I’m creating. With that said … I’ve had to make a few changes as to how I’m approaching this whole thing.

When I first started, I was doing this more as a hybrid project: creating full pages in Photoshop and then cutting everything up after printing so I could fill the individual photo pocket pages. I got behind Week 18 and in order to stay on track, I decided to just place my fully completed pages (weeks 18-22) into 12x12 page protectors and call it good. Between surgery and traveling for work, I’ve had a lot on my plate. Next week, I’d like to go back to cutting everything up, since I like the process. But we’ll see what happens. The most important part is preserving the memories. The rest really doesn’t matter.

The other thing I’ve been doing is digging into my supplies. Admittedly, I get bored (super quickly) with using the same supplies over and over again. So, each week, I’ve been trolling through my own stuff to create pages that look and feel different. I’ve also been trying to play a little. Creating my own fun titles and tags using fonts and Photoshop tools.

Here’s what my pages look like:


I realized as I was putting these pages together, I have slowed down on the number of pictures I’m taking. I think this has to do with the fact that I participated in Week in the Life and for a short period took what felt like a million pictures. I think I needed a mental break from photo taking. But it’s time for that break to be over! In order to fill in the gaps for this particular week, I checked out my husband’s Facebook and Instagram feeds, as well as his best friend’s who happened to be in town visiting. A lot of the photos I used are ones I found through their social media postings!



How’s Project Life going for you? If you haven’t started, what’s holding you back? I say jump in any time. This week I linked up with The Mom Creative, a site filled with great Project Life inspiration.