Right now …

I’m totally into NPR’s TED Radio Hour. Specifically, I’m loving this episode: “The Pursuit of Happiness.” Each time there’s a new episode, I immediately download it to my phone and listen as I workout. Makes the time fly by.

I really want yellow pants. These pants are the ones I’ve been coveting the most. I saw them while in the Gap last week and I was literally drawn to them. But … I was too scared to buy them. They’re so bright, so bold. I just wasn’t sure if I could pull them off. Instead, I keep looking at them online, dreaming of having them.

I’m reading “Seedfolks.” It was the April pick for NPR’s Backseat Book Club pick, and even though this particular book club is for kids … they pick some really smart, well written books. Plus, as an added bonus, they are often pretty short and quick reads.

I’m spending a lot of time focusing on exercise. My goal for May is to walk or run at least 100 miles (I know, I’ve said it already … but in order to be accountable, I’m screaming it from the rooftops). I’ve been making good progress toward my goal and am determined to stay on track.

The pants I’m wearing today are feeling a little tight. I wore them last week and they weren’t. This speaks to the fact that I’ve fallen completely off the wagon of good eating. I’ve indulged WAY too much the last month and it’s time to stop. So I’m getting back on track by moving more and eating well.

I’m doing a ton of scrapbooking. I’m in the middle of LOAD (Layout a Day) and between that and my creative team assignments … I’m a scrapping machine. Here are a few of my most current (and favorite) layouts:

LOAD4_May2012_BlocksCredits here.

Journaling reads:

"I build a tower. A tall tower."
With his tongue sticking out, Cooper builds a tower with his blocks.
“Look Mama. Look at my tower.”
“I knock it down Mama.”
“One. Two. Three ... ”
Crash. The tower goes down.
Cooper laughs hysterically.
"I build a tower. A tall tower."
And he starts again.

LOAD6_May2012_Cooperat3Credits here

Journaling reads:

Everything about you -- your smile, your laugh, your smell, your silliness, your
endless supply of energy, your  boundless affection for those you love -- brings me buckets of joy and happiness. This three-year-old version of you is beyond precious. You have something to say about everything. You are super funny. And you're finally sitting still long enough to enjoy a movie or story time. It's a treat to be with you.


What are you up to right now?