Take 12: May

Check it out. I did it again. Twelve photos on the 12th. Totally loving this project (Take 12). Love that it’s a pure slice of life. In May the 12th fell on a Saturday and I’m glad I was home and able to capture the life of my entire family. It was also the day before Mother’s Day, so some of those festivities spilled over into the 12th … super cool. Here’s the layout I created, I’m going to slip in into my Project Life album:


Journaling reads:

No. 1: Cooper playing in his hamper. I tried to coax him out of the hamper, since he needed his diaper changed. He wasn’t interested. 
No. 2: Shelby mad at me. I wasn't listening to her like she wanted. My first day home from a business trip is often filled with “Mom, you’re paying more attention to Cooper than me.” Both kids desperately want my attention and it’s hard to find balance.
No. 3: Coop's latest obsession. He won’t drink plain milk -- it must be chocolate.
No. 4: Snuggling on the couch, watching the Muppets. Coop can’t say Muppets, instead he says Muffets.
No. 5: Cooper wanted me to open the present he made me for Mother's Day. It was framed (painted by him) photo of him. He actually opened the gift on Friday before I got home and Mike rewrapped it! 
No. 6: Coloring. There is lots of coloring at our house right now since it’s a “free” activity. No tickets required.
No. 7: Trying out all the chairs at Costco. Every single time we go to Costco, the kids have to sit in each and every chair they see. 
No. 8: Mother's Day for me from Mike and the kiddos. Coop kept sneaking up to the vase and would take out a rose, smell it and say “Dis is stinky. It mells”
No. 9: My luchadoras. Good times. Cooper insisted on being Hello Kitty, even though Shelby kept telling him it was a “girly mask.”
No. 10: Shelby & Dad: Avengers bound. They went to the mall, did some shopping and then saw a movie. 
No. 11:  Painting. Took a little time by myself to work on an old canvas. Coop found me and wanted to “do art.” I of course let him.
No. 12: My little guy all clean and ready for jammies. Nothing beats a smiling, clean kiddo.