Currently: A Rainy Wednesday


listening to water filling the washing machine. Cooper has been home with me all week. He was running a fever and had diarrhea on Monday and Tuesday. He seems better today, but begged to stay home … so I let him.

As soon as we got home from dropping Shelby off, I sat him on the potty. He didn’t do anything .. .well until he went into the family room a minute later and pee’d in his pant. Can I pay someone to potty train him? It’s turning into a year long, nightmare of a project.

I’m now washing his wet underwear and pants, along with about 10 towels that were used last night to clean up the leak under our kitchen sink (and the backed up garbage disposal to boot).

wearing a white, ruffled shirt and gray cargo shorts. I have these shorts in four different colors (thank you Target) and they’ve been my summer uniform.

drinking nothing at the moment, though I need to make myself a big glass of ice water. I’m trying to drink more water and less Diet Dr. Pepper. Some days I’m better at this than others!

thinking I need to dig out a light coat for my trip to Denmark next week. It will be 60 degrees and raining the whole time I’m there, which to this Arizona girl is CRAZY cold.

wishing my dentist appointment was today, not tomorrow. I broke a tooth last week when I was in Palm Springs. I was biting into a granola bar and it broke. I’m scheduled to get it fixed tomorrow, though the jagged edge is starting to really irritate me.   

reading lots of kids books right now, like “Black Beauty” and Fancy Nancy. With Shelby back in school, we’re back on our nightly reading schedule.

eating nothing … I still haven’t had breakfast yet, so I should make myself something to eat before I get cranky.

wondering if my favorite ice cream stand will be open when I go to Denmark. I love the hazelnut ice cream they sell. So yummy.

enjoying spending a little more time with Cooper. Even though he’s been sick and oh so clingy, I’m happy to get some special, alone time with him. It’s rare for this to happen, and I’m happy to snuggle him a bit more than normal.

feeling tired. I haven’t been sleeping well. Stress, sick kids in my bed, work …  have all been making it hard for me to get a good night’s sleep. 

wanting to snap my fingers and magically have all the laundry folded and put away. I really don’t like doing laundry. Not one bit.

And if that snapping works for laundry, maybe it would work for my Project Life pages? I’m horribly behind.    

needing to find a swim team for Shelby. She asked me to find a team for her to join and she says she wants to swim year round. I’ve sent emails and made some calls. Now I’m waiting for people to call me back.

weather is wet, rainy and a solid 80-degrees. Hello monsoon season.