Layout: Shelby Rose, 3rd Grader

Shelby missed the “true” first day of school because we were still on vacation. Just about 12 hours after our plane landed back in Arizona, Shelby was starting her first day of third grade. How’s that for jet setting?

I know every mother says this, but seriously … where did the time go? Shelby is getting so big, so fast. She already comes up to my shoulder and she’s acting like a pre-teen more and more each day (read: full of angst and drama). I feel like it was just yesterday she was a baby.

I don’t remember much about being eight. I know I where I was living and what school I was going to … but for the life of my I can’t remember my teacher’s name (maybe it was Mrs. McCowan?), nor do I remember who my friends are. I don’t want my kids to look back at this time in their lives and not be able to recall the details. And I really don’t want to to forget what it “feels” like to be a kid.

For Shelby’s first day of third grade, she wore a navy colored t-shirt, gray shorts and sparkly pick shoes (to match the pink on her shirt). We didn’t do a lot of school-clothes shopping. She doesn’t need much at the moment and it’s still crazy hot here … so we thought it would be more practical to save the back-to-school shopping until fall hits and then get the things she needs for the cooler weather.

Instead, I let her pick out a few new outfits and matching headbands (her favorite accessory of the moment). She also got a new backpack (a furry one that looks like a raccoon), but she’ll be using last year’s lunch box (we alternate which one we buy year to year … this year was a new backpack year).


Journaling reads:

Without a doubt, summer flew by and we’re all a little shocked school is back in session. For 3rd grade, Shelby is in Donna’s class and she’s practically a head taller than most of her classmates. She’s still growing her hair out, and insists on keeping bangs. This year she’d like to join a year-round swim team; as well as take drum lessons and a weekly art class. Reading has quickly become her favorite subject and though she hates math homework, it’s a subject she excels at. For Shelby, the best part of being back at school is seeing all her friends.