Around here: The Dentist


Around here we’re going to the dentist.

Both kids had appointments earlier this week. I switched dentists so the kids could see a “kid” dentist. This was Cooper’s first time at the dentist and I was a little worried how he’d do … I shouldn’t have worried one bit. He was a champ. He was so well behaved and polite. It was the easiest appointment ever. That’s the good news.

The bad news was he has a cavity and has to have it taken care of in the coming month. The dentist explained that a diet high in milk  (yes, Cooper drinks a ton of milk) and juice (not really an issue), can create a lot of bacteria in a child’s mouth and cause cavities. I guess it’s time to wean Cooper from his milk habit!


Shelby was a champ, as usual. She loves the dentist. Always has. Great news: no cavities. Not so great news: it looks like Shelby is going to have the same crowding problem I had. Her mouth isn’t going to be big enough to fit all her teeth. I had to have adult teeth pulled to make my teeth fit. Our dentist is recommending we talk to an orthodontist to start making a plan of action to deal with this. No braces yet, but she’ll have them for sure.

What going on around your world?

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