{Free} Template Tuesday: Little photos

How the heck are you? I’m okay. Yep, just okay. My back pain has flared up again. My headaches are raging. I feel like a cranky, old woman. I have a couple of appointments in the next month, which will hopefully help both my back and my headaches, but until then I reserve the right to complain.

I’ve been busy as of late. I missed last week’s free template. And I missed the one the week before that too (I think)! But no big deal, right? I’ve been trying to cut myself some slack lately, so though I’m a little sad I missed creating those templates, I have good reason (like traveling to Europe for work and taking time to spend with my family). Anyway. I’m back. And I hope to be back consistently through the end of this year. I’m not sure I’ll keep this up in 2013 … but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Template_32_KRDKDownload this fully layered, Photoshop template here.

And here’s the layout I based this template on:


Journaling reads:

Hey, hey you!  Are you listening? In case you’re wondering ... Right now I’m ... running, a lot. Eating better. Dieting. Losing weight. Reading more. Working too much Traveling all the time.


Have you scrapbooked about yourself lately? Share a link to your “all-about-me layout” in the comments, I’d love to see what you created. Used one of my templates? Share a link to that, I’d REALLY love to see that!