Denmark in September

Let’s start with the truth. Denmark in September is a little too cold and a little too wet for this Arizona girl. With that said, I’m trying really hard to no focus on the weather and have fun in spite of my chattering teeth!

I’ve worked for a Danish company for almost six years now. I’ve come to Denmark a lot in those six years. I often forget how lucky I am to work for an international company and be afforded the opportunity to travel to cool and often exotic places. Sometimes, my work takes me to some not-so-cool locales … but a lot of the time I’m visiting really, really awesome places (Denmark, Rio, Toronto, Washington D.C., etc.)

This trip I stayed over the weekend, which is not something I normally do when I travel for work … I almost always go home, even if that means I only spend 18 hours in Arizona. I make the trek west to see Mike and the kids. It keeps me sane. It keeps Mike sane. And it keeps the kiddos connected to me. Anyway. I had to work in Denmark last week and this week, so it just wasn’t practical to go all the way home. Instead, I stayed and did some touristy things.

Here’s a peek at my last week:


From top to bottom, left to right: 1. Waiting for the bus (I ride the bus to work while in Denmark). 2. The clock tower in Arhus. 3. Me, after a 12-mile, team building bike ride. I some how survived and was still smiling. 4. My favorite Danish-made cider. 5. The awesome furniture in our corporate office. 6. Friday bread meeting, my favorite Danish tradition. 7. Tickets to a local football (soccer) game. 8. Yummy dessert, need I say more? 9. Me all bundled up for the cold weather … I’m not in Arizona anymore! 10. Waiting for a Nutella and banana crepe from a street vendor. 11. The central (main) train station in Copenhagen. Let the weekend fun begin. 12. Tivoli at night. 13. Street art in Copenhagen. I love, love Copenhagen. 14. Holger the Dane: one super cool, tough guy. 15. Hamlet’s castle (Kronborg). 16. Danish humor in the breakfast bar at our hotel.


One of the coolest things we saw this weekend was the Self Portrait exhibit at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. This museum is AMAZING and I can’t speak highly enough about the exhibit. I love self portraits and it was fascinating to see how all these amazing artists saw themselves.

This museum is included in the book “1,000 Places to See Before You Die,” and it lived up to the hype. It’s right on the water and has AMAZING views. The building is beautiful and the art phenomenal. Loved it and am so grateful I just happened to in Denmark with a little bit of free time to explore. It’s moments like this I realize how blessed I am. I really am quite lucky. I appreciate all the wonderful experiences I’ve been given and I only hope I can share some of them with Mike, Shelby and Cooper. I think they’d love to see Hamlet’s Castle. And I’m certain they’d dig Holger the Dane.