Right now …

I’m wrapping up a longish trip to Denmark (for business). I’m looking forward to getting back to some sunshine. It’s been really wet, dark and cold the last week; and I think my mood reflects that.

I’m feeling homesick. I miss my babies. Being away is hardest on me. Mike and the kids power through it and seem to do just fine. Mike thinks I suffer from adult separation anxiety. He sent me this article the other day (note: I ‘m not as bad as the dude in the article). I’ve been trying to apply the “tips” the article mentions and for the most part its been helping.

I’m grateful for Spotify and podcasts to keep me company. I listen to a lot, and by a lot I mean a zillion. I listen to a ton of NPR shows and really like keeping up with the news, especially when I’m far away. I also like some crafty podcasts as well as some specific to storytelling. I’ll actually listen to pretty much anything!


I’m loving Shelby’s school pictures (above) and can’t wait to get the actual prints. The morning of her pictures she took great pains in picking out her outfit and a matching hair clip. She brushed and brushed her hair until it shined. And then she asked if she could wear a little lip gloss (I said yes). She even packed a brush and her lip gloss in her backpack so she could “freshen" up” before her photos.

…  I’m readingWild,” but I’m having a little trouble really getting into it. I’ve started it twice now in the last month and haven't gotten too far either time. 


I’m getting lots of photos from home. I’m beyond grateful for a husband who willingly and regular texts me photos of what’s going on at home. The other day I got this photo of Cooper sleeping (above). Our stinker of a son has taken to sneaking into Mommy and Daddy’s bed around 2 a.m. every, single night. It’s hard to tell him no, and I’m normally too tired to fight him. So I don’t. In truth, I like having him there. Before too long he won’t want to cuddle his mama anymore, so I’ll take it while I can get it.

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I’m listening to this song (Emmylou), by First Aid Kid, on repeat. Last night as I was wallowing in my homesickness (see above) I got an email from Mike. It said: “Here's a nice song. I'll be your Johnny and you can be my June, or I'll be your Gram and you can be my Emmylou.” I listened to the song, tears welled up in my eyes, my hurt swelled and I was grateful I have someone to be my Johnny to my June. 

I’m preparing a fun project that will been seen next month at True Scrap 4. I’m not sure how much I can share at the moment, but what I can says is that I’ll be doing one of the virtual make-n-takes. Super excited for this.

I’m relying heavily on technology. Thank goodness for the likes of Skype and Face Time. Without them I’d be totally disconnected from the ones I love. I crave my Skype time with the kids. Even Cooper is a Skype-pro these days. He puts on a set of headphones and chats away. It’s so precious my heart hurts a little as I watch him on the screen.

I’m amazed by Shelby’s reading skills. She’s really made it over a pretty significant hump and is reading like a champ. It’s so awesome to watch. Also on the learning front, Cooper’s vocabulary has exploded. It’s such a treat talking to him now since he can carry full-on conversations and is starting to form his own opinions on things.

I’m spending a lot of my free time writing. I have a book idea that I’ve been tossing around for years. I’m finally ready to tackle it. I’ve written the first chapter (the easy part) and now the hard part begins (the reporting). It’s creative non-fiction, so it will rely heavily on my reporting skills, so it’s time to dust off my reporter hat and go to work. Every time I think about this tears fill my eyes. Seriously, I was born to write this book.


Ali Edwards challenged her newsletter readers to share a "currently" or "right now" or "around here" post or scrapbook page on their blogs. This is my answer to her challenge.