Free Halloween Printable

I finally gave in this weekend and decorated for Halloween. We don’t have a ton of Halloween decorations, but the ones we do have Shelby was dying to put up. Since I’ve been traveling for the last three weeks, she had to wait until I got home, which nearly killed her!

Halloween just might be Shelby’s favorite holiday (kind of like her Uncle Bryan). She was begging to decorate in August. She came up with her costume idea around the same time (she’s going to be an angel … I know, ironic). And her enthusiasm for Halloween is rubbing off on Cooper.

Yesterday, Cooper woke up and said, "It's Happy Halloween Day. I get to treat. Where's my costume?" And this morning he asked me if he could wear his costume (he’s going to be an astronaut) to school. I guess someone is a little excited about Halloween!

In honor of the Halloween spirit that is so alive and well in our house, I have a Halloween printable. Later today I’m going to try and find a black frame (the print is 10x8) for it and put it on display with our other spooky goodies.

Week41_TooCuteToSpook_krdkDownload this high-resolution, printer ready Halloween art here.


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