Right at home: My little swimmer

Love this layout. Love, love, love it … is it bad for me to toot my own horn?  This layout was for an assignment at The Daily Digi and I used a template from Janet Phillips. I had been holding onto a kit (Moody Miss) from  Ya Yeah Designs and finally had the perfect photo to use with it.

The real reason I love this layout is the photo. As soon as I look at it, I‘m immediately transported back to the moment Shelby discovered her love of swimming. I can feel the joy she felt as we got to the pool each morning. I can see the triumph in her face as she mastered a new stoke. This is why I scrapbook … so I can capture, record and always remember moments like this.


Journaling reads:

Every summer, since Shelby was born, I swore I was going to sign her up for
swimming classes. And then ... I didn’t  There were always a million reasons why I didn’t do it. But this summer, I made sure she got lessons. Wholly cow, I’m so glad I did. Shelby, you took to the pool like a little fish. I’ve always known you loved the pool, but this was different. You’re quite good. Since you basically already knew how to swim, the instructor focused on teaching you all the “proper” strokes and improving your endurance. You jumped up a level by the end of your first class and were  beautifully swimming the backstroke the entire length of the pool by the second. You’re clearly at home in the pool. After seeing this, I’m going to find a swim team for you to join and will sign you up for more (and more) lessons in the weeks and months to come. Who knows, maybe swimming is your thing.