Printable Journaling Cards: Happy thoughts

Over the last few days, Mike and I have been talking a lot about being happy. Life around Casa de Kalil is pretty good. There’s lots of smiles. There’s lots of laughter. There is lots of goodness. Tons of joy. SO much to be cherished and remembered.

There’s also a lot of funny, funny moments. Coop is full of the best one liners. This morning, he walked into our bedroom naked asking “Mommy, can you check and see what’s wrong with my penis?” He had a really wet diaper, so he undressed himself and came and woke me up when he finally needed help. I thought to myself, “Did that really just come out of your mouth?” I think that a lot lately.He’s such a character and beyond honest. He tells it like it is. Shelby has always been a truth teller. As we watched the presidential debates last night, she shook her head and said, “This is like a cat fight.” And then walked away in disgust. Like with the Cooper incident, I thought to myself, “Did that really just come out of her mouth?” Funny, funny kids.

As I’m going through my daily life, I often think of happy thoughts I’d like to have on journaling cards to be used on my Project Life pages. This week’s printable include some of the thoughts that keep popping into my head.

So without further ado, here’s what my happy thoughts turned into this week:


Download these printer-ready, high resolution journaling cards here.


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