Project Life: Still love it

Even though I’m way behind (umm, like five weeks) I still love this project. Project Life rocks. I’m glad I’m so good about taking notes, snapping photos and collecting goodies … so I can come back to my pages whenever I have time. I keep thinking this week or next weekend or maybe next weekend, I’ll be able to get caught up for good. And then life happens. This weekend I need to clean out Shelby’s closet (so many of her clothes are too small) and take her shopping. I also need to get Coop’s hair cut.  Shelby has a Girl Scout field trip. And we’re hosting family dinner. So realistically, this won’t be my catch up weekend! Oh well. That’s life, right?

This set of pages covers the week of Sept. 9 to 15th. I have some photos from the 12 and my monthly Take 12 challenge that need to be added to an insert … but I haven’t done that yet. Eventually, right?

Wanna know what I love most about Project Life? It’s a true slice of life. These pages -- the stories + the photos – are all over the map, which is a true representation of my life, of our life. Love it. I can’t wait to look back at them next year or in five years.





How’s project life going for you? Are you keeping up? This week I linked up with The Mom Creative, a site filled with great Project Life inspiration.