Cousin time rocks


The very best part of Thanksgiving was seeing these five kiddos play together. Shelby had been counting down the days, hours and eventually minutes until her favorite cousins arrived. And when they did … it was magic. You’d never know they hadn’t seen each other since July.  They played in Shelby’s fort outside for hours. They watched movies together. The ran around the house and chased each other. They laughed. They talked. They did the things cousins do.

Here are my highlights:

Going to the Pima Air and Space Museum and hearing Griffin tell Shelby it was the coolest museum, ever.

Watching Trevor look out for Cooper. He would stretch out his hand and the two of them would take off together.

All of them happily sitting at the kid’s table on Thanksgiving eating appetizers, toasting with apple cider and talking about what they are thankful for (food, family and Mickey Mouse topped the list).

Climbing “A” Mountain. I was the only grownup who actually climbed the mountain and I had all five kiddos with me. Such a cool view and fun to experience it for the first time with five of my favorite people.

Seeing Cooper snuggling with Griffin on the couch. Priceless.

Being so proud of how well all them behaved out at dinner when everything that could go wrong went wrong (orders were wrong, food was late, etc.). They just rolled with it.

Running around Ikea and having them each tell me which rooms where their favorites.

Trying to make Trevor smile. He’s not big on smiling, but I got a few from him.

Watching Mike on the floor with Griffin and Trevor showing them how to play a game on the iPad.

Trevor eating 16 deviled eggs as part of his Thanksgiving feast.



Thanksgiving was awesome because my sister and her family came. That’s the truth. I’m grateful they made the long drive and hung out with us. These are the moments I cherish. These are the memories that will stay with my children forever. These are the days that count. I am glad I was blessed to have some days with my family.