Project Life: Making it work

There are some weeks where I feel super creative and go nuts with my Project Life pages. And there are other weeks where I just want to get it done. I make it work. I slap the photos and memories onto the templates and call it good. This was one of those weeks.

These pages are for my week 46, Oct. 14-20. It was a really great week … I went to Atlanta for business and then came home and took the kids to Flagstaff. I’m actually a little sad I ‘m not feeling creative this week, since I really love the stories and photos from this week. Oh well. I guess I could make some traditional scrapbook pages (later) to supplement these pages.

Again … I’m just trying to make it work and this is what worked for me. I used a kit called Birds of a Feather from Design By Dani. I was drawn to the warm, fall-like color scheme.




How’s project life going for you? Are you keeping up? Are you still loving it (I am, for sure). This week I linked up with The Mom Creative, a site filled with great Project Life inspiration.