{Free} Printable Journaling Cards: Let it Snow

It never snows where I live. Well, almost never. Back in February 2007, there was a light dusting that nearly shut down all of Southern Arizona, but that’s about it. I’m okay with no snow. I’m not a huge fan. My kids, on the other hand, love snow. Every year we make a trek up to Flagstaff and the kids bury themselves in snow, eat it, make snow angels, throw snowballs … and I watch them from inside.

Just last week Cooper kept saying (over and over again) “Christmas is coming. And Santa Claus. And candy canes. And lots of snow.” Then he’d clap his hands and jump in delight. I didn’t have the heart to tell him we wouldn’t be getting snow.

Here are some snow-themed journaling cards for those snow-lovers out there … or those of you who simply endure the snow year in and year out.

Week49_JournalingCards_krdkDownload these high-resolution, printer ready journaling cards here.


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