Free Printable: Half Marathon Journaling Cards

I did it. I completed my very first half marathon yesterday. It’s been on my “life” list for years now and I can finally cross it off. I did it with my very best girl friend, Jennie, which made it extra special. I’ll be honest, this race wasn’t about time for us, it was about finishing. We’ll be focusing on time and speed when we run the Tinker Bell Half Marathon in January. (Edited: I did much better than I expected. I ran the vast majority of the race and came in at 2:49 … not fast, but much faster than I was hoping for. I’d like to shave off at least 25 minutes in January).

Anyway, I’m very proud of us if I do say so myself. Not too bad for this girl who is about to turn 38 (in three days); has had two babies; lost 35 pounds in the last year; travels all the time for work (makes training tough); and managed to dodge the cancer bullet. This is a great way to bring this year to a close!

In honor of our big accomplishment, this week’s journaling cards are all about half marathons and persevering. Some of the cards are very specific to competing in a half marathon, but some of them are just about tackling something big and feel good about making it through it.

Hope you like them:

Week46_JournalingCards_krdkDownload these printer-ready, high-resolution journaling cards here.


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