Silliness: Dressing up brother


Holy cow. These kids crack me up. Shelby loves dressing Cooper up in girl clothes, and Coop is more than willing to play along. On this particular day, Shelby gussied Cooper up in a flower girl dress from when she was about three. It was a little tight and Cooper had to “suck it in'” to get it zipped.

I often joke that Shelby really wanted to have a baby sister … and here’s the evidence. When I was little I secretly wished my youngest brother (Chris) had been a girl. And much like Cooper, Chris was more than willing to let me and Amy (my sister) dress him up and even paint his nails. I think he was just happy to get lots of attention from his sisters. I’m sure it’s the same with Coop: he just wants Shelby to hang out with him, even if that means he has to wear a dress.

Just after I took this photo, Shelby put a large bow in his hair. He promptly took it off. So, I guess he does has his limits!