Favorite layout of 2012 and FREE template

I don’t normally have a favorite layout. I love them all pretty much equally. Seriously. I do. But every, single time I look at this layout I burst out laughing. I laugh so hard I cry. It’s my favorite photo of 2012. It’s my favorite story, which is why it’s my favorite layout. It captured a moment perfectly and years from now it will keep making my laugh to tears.


Journaling reads:

We took the kids to see the lights at Winterhaven, something  I've wanted to do for years. We've lived in Tucson for 6 years now and we've never been. Coop hadn't had a nap that day and was a pill the WHOLE time. Screaming, crying, stomping ... not so merry and certainly not his normal, happy self. Every time I stopped and tried to take a picture he'd yell: “I don't need a picture. Keep moving.” If I wasn't holding his hand, he'd scream. If I wasn't moving fast enough, he'd scream. All I could do was laugh. Epic fail! Maybe next year?

Since I haven’t share a template in awhile, I thought I’d share this layout as a template … my last for 2012 and my last for awhile. I’m going to take a break from making and sharing templates. Maybe in the spring I’ll start back up, but for now I’m going to focus on other creative endeavors.

Template_43_KRDKDownload this fully layered, Photoshop template here.