Project Life: I’m on a roll

So just yesterday I posted my most recent Project Life pages and lamented about being behind. And I whined about how much I didn’t like being behind. I t really weighs down on me. I never, ever like to be behind with anything.

So last night I sat down and went to town on the week I have left to do. When the evening started, I had 6 weeks (at least 12 pages) to complete before the end of 2012. I set the timer on my phone for one hour and started working. I told myself I’d spend just an hour on a two-page spread.

My kids and husband were asleep (everyone is sick at my house), so I was pretty much left undisturbed. I worked, worked and worked some more. I can now report two things:

  1. It takes me longer than an hour to complete a two-page Project Life spread. It takes me about two hours. BUT: I’m pretty sure if I didn’t have the timer going it would have taken me twice that long. I’m going to keep using the timer, in hopes I can shave more time off my process.
  2. I obsess way too much over my paper and embellishment choices. I need to limit my options even more and stick with the few things I really, really love.

I’m happy to report, I completed two more weeks (two 2-page spreads, along with two inserts). I used the same kit for all the pages, a cute freebie from Persnickety Prints called Storyteller. I used all my go-to fonts like Bebas, Indy Pimp and Hero.

Here’s my week 51, which included Thanksgiving (and two inserts!):





Here’s my week 52:




How’s project life going for you? Are you keeping up? Are you still loving it (I am, for sure). As I type this I have four more weeks to complete before I can close out 2012 and move onto 2013. I’m DETERMINED to get them all done before the clock strikes midnight on the 31st. Wish me luck!