Currently: Hello from Denmark


2013-01-11 12.35.48

listening to the sounds of Aarhus traffic going past my window.

wearing … super dark jeggings (a cold weather staple for me); mint green and silver striped shirt over a white long-sleeved shirt; and grey boots. It’s cold

drinking … Pepsi Max. I’m a Coke girl, but my hotel in Denmark is a Pepsi hotel, so since I needed a caffeine fix I’ll take whatever I can get.

thinking … about what I can buy while I’m here for my 2012 Creative Exchange. I have 12 people (one a month) I’m going to send some little goodies to and they in turn will send someone else a little surprise. For the most part, I’d like to make the things I send, but since I travel to all sorts of fun places I might pick up these gifts while I’m on the road.

wishing … it was the weekend. I’m tired and have been sick, so I’m in need of a good rest.

reading … not a lot this week. I’m about to start Gone Girl, but I’ve used most of my free time this week to rest and listen to podcasts. I did read an interesting article (sent to my by my coworker) about how a large number of female business professionals are now signing their emails “xoxo.” Seems a little weird to me.

eating … Haribo gummy candies (photo above). Whenever I’m in Denmark I tell myself “No candy.” And then I cave. My favorite treat here is banana flavored marshmallows covered in chocolate.

wondering … what’s going on at home. With an 8-hour time difference we have to be creative in how we communicate. Everyone at my house is still asleep at the moments, so I’m watching the clock until the wake up and I can call them. It’s pretty much a daily ritual when I’m abroad.

enjoying …listening to my favorite podcasts like Stuff You Missed in History Class. I have yet to hear an episode I don’t love.

skypeA screenshot of me and Shelby chatting on Skype.

feeling … grateful for modern technology. Skype is a lifesaver, as is FaceTime. For my kids it’s totally normal to chat with Mommy via computer. Isn’t nuts how much modern technology has changed how we live and how we parent?

wanting … to find some time to see all nine films nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture. I’ve seen three of them already (Argo, Silver Linings Playbook and Lincoln), so that leaves another six to go. I also want to see the Danish film “A Royal Affair,” which was nominated for best foreign film.

needing … to figure out how we’re going to sale (at the very least) 100 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Cookie season starts next weekend and each girl in Shelby’s troop is supposed to sale a minimum of 100 boxes -- that’s a lot of cookies.

weather …  is cold, windy and snowy. Very typical for Denmark this time of year. It’s my least favorite month to visit. I prefer coming here June through August!