{Free} Template: January 2013 al la Facebook

Happy Monday to you. Today marks my last full day in Arhus. Tomorrow after work, I take a train to Copenhagen and then catch an early flight home Wednesday. Whoo hoo. I’m excited to get home for a million reasons (my kids, my husband, my own bed, etc), but I'm really excited for warmer weather and some bright sunshine. I’m a sunshine girl. 

Anyway. Today is Free Template Monday. In 2012 I offered a free template every, single Tuesday. In 2013, I’ll be doing things a little different. I’ll be offering a free template just the second Monday of each month. Simply put: I don’t have enough time to create free weekly templates and in order to make space for other things, I need to scale back on certain endeavors … like template making.

Enough about that … let’s talk about some fun stuff, like this week’s actual template.

Last month I was working on updating my Facebook cover photo and I created a template so I could use more than one photo and jazz it up a bit. A few days ago I was looking at my Facebook cover and thought it would work really well on a scrapbook page. So I took the Facebook cover template I created last month and developed a 12x12 scrapbook page based on the rectangle, multi-photo Facebook cover template. 

Here is this month’s template:

January2013_FreeTemplate_krdkDownload this fully-layered Photoshop template here.


Most of my templates are created after I make a layout I love and want to convert it into a template. This template was different … the template came first and then I scrapped with it. Here’s the layout I created … and I didn’t stick too my original template 100 percent (insert mock shocked face here).


Journaling reads:

We went to town to pick up a few things ... a basic supply run. At the party store, Shelby and Cooper talked me into buying a big bunch of balloons ... for no real reason. When I agreed to the purchase, they went nuts. They were thrilled. They embrace the simple things in life and find joy in nearly everything
around them. It's quite inspiring. I want to be more like them.   


I would love to see what you’ve dine with my template. Download it and then come on back and share of link of your own page. Hope you have a fabulous Monday. Check back here in February for another free template.