Currently: Yucky coughs and lots of rest

2013-01-03 13.20.59I've been sick in bed most of this week …so Shelby’s had to entertain herself. My little artist.

listening the movie “Looper.” Mike is watching it, but I’m playing on my laptop instead.

wearing a Magnum PI t-shirt and sweats, better known as my PJs. Mike and I are in bed, watching movies.

drinking ice water from my plastic Bookmans cup. It has a sugar skull on it ... very Tucson.

thinking I really should start packing for Denmark. I leave on Saturday, but since I’ve been sick most of this week I have done nothing to prepare for my trip.

wishing I wasn’t sick. The thought of international travel just three days into antibiotic for bronchitis and two ear infections is not appealing. Plus, it’s going to be stinkin’ cold in Denmark and I worry I won’t get better.

reading just finished “Where We Belong” and am starting “The Four Agreements.” I also have “Gone Girl” cued up. I want to read it before the end of the month, so I can actually go to book club and have had read the month’s book!

eating nada. It’s almost 10 p.m., so I’m done eating for the night. We have ham and beans tonight, made in the crock pot from left over Christmas ham.

wondering what the kids will say and do when we hop on a plane in a few weeks and head to Disneyland. They have no idea. And they have no idea their Papa and Mama Shelley are coming too. And that their Uncle Chris, Aunt Tawhnee, Chase and Rylan are coming all the way from Michigan to join the fun. We all land at LAX within the same hour and will just “bump” into each other. It’s been so hard to keep the secret, but so worth it!

enjoying working on my Project Life pages and blogging about it over at Two Peas in a Bucket. I’ll be there (on the digital blog) the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. Super excited about this. I just downloaded the new Seafoam edition of Project Life, can’t wait to use it.

feeling tired, but a little better than yesterday. Rest and antibiotics are helping. I slept five hours straight mid-morning. It was a rare and much needed treat.

wanting to buy a few new, cute and relatively warm tops to take with me to Denmark. I wear jeans (jeggings really) and boots every, single day I’m in Denmark. I add funky scarves and long-sleeved tops to my leggings. Warm and functional.

ClearColdTucsonneeding to get a small paper planner so I can make more concrete plans for this blog and a soon-to-come blog shop.

weather is uncharacteristically cold. On Monday we went to Tombstone and it was super cold and even snowed on us. I can count on one hand the number of times it’s snowed here in the last 6 years … it doesn’t happen very often. After a few wet days, it’s now just cold and clear (left). I’m grateful the sun has started making regular appearances again. I love that wee have some 300 days of sunshine here in Arizona, it’s one of the many reasons I live here!

-Thursday January 3, 2013 at 10 pm-ish


In 2013 I’ll be doing a “Currently” post each Friday as a way to document my life and also share with you all the things I’m currently loving, reading, finding, buying, etc. This isn’t a unique idea, I’m not sure where I saw it before, but it’s all over the Internet so I’m by no means claiming the idea as my own. But … the ideas I share each week will be my own.