Jet lagged, I’ve fallen behind


2013-01-06 13.47.51

I had grand plans for this weekend. On my flight to Europe I was going to be productive. I was going to finish my free printable (to post today). And then I was going to work on my Project Life pages (I did one page, but not the other). Finally, I was going to get the rest of my blog posts scheduled for this week. But alas … I didn’t.

However, I did wait until the last minute to pack (more time with the family) and my suitcase is bursting at the seams since I pretty much tossed a hodge-podge of warm clothes in it and took off.

I did listen to music and an audiobook.

I did watch two movies (“Safety Not Guaranteed and The Bourne Legacy”). Both were good.

I did create and finish a three-month blogging plan!

I did get the tastiest macaroons during my layover in Paris (see photo above).

And now as I’m freezing my tush off in Denmark … I’m feeling more than exhausted, jet lagged and ready for bed. I’m going to embrace my exhaustion and call it a night. My hope is to finish my printable and post it before the end of the day (fingers crossed). So check back soon and I’ll have some sort of goody for you.

Until then, have a joyous day and the best week ever.