{Free} Printable Cards: Happy sunshine

Hello again. Two blog posts in one day? Holy moly cow, as my three-year-old would say. This almost never, ever happens.

I slept eight straight hours last night and I feel like a new woman. I rarely sleep so well my first night in Denmark. I must have been pretty tired! I’ve been coming here regularly for six years now and I’ve always struggled with jet lag. Maybe I’m finally adjusting to the whole process? Or maybe I just got lucky!

Anyway. I finally finished the printable I wanted to share with you all. It’s a happy, sunny set of journaling card. I picked a color scheme that’s totally different than last week. I wanted less muted colors and bolder, brighter ones.

In 2012 I created and gave away a free printable each week. In 2013, I’m going to do one a month. There are all sorts of reasons why I’m doing this, mostly time. But in the very new future, I’ll be opening my own blog shop and will be selling my designs. But more about that later. However, you can always come back on the first Monday of each month for a free printable. I’ll also be offering one free template a month and those will be posted the second Tuesday of each month.

Enough blabbing … here’s my very first free printable for 2013:

January2013_JournalingCards_krdkDownload these printer-ready journaling cards here.


If you've missed my previous printables, you can find most of them here (I update the page as time permits).  Use my printables? Share a link, I’d love to see what you’ve done with them.