Currently: Life is full

LOAD213_RightNow_Day10A layout featuring the “things” that represent our life right now (Credits).

listening … to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse playing in the background. It’s still early, Shelby and Mike already left for the day and Cooper is “wasting” a little time until I take him to preschool.

wishing … it was warmer today. It turned pretty cold, it’s supposed to rain and there might even be a little snow. I’m not a cold-weather girl. I want sunshine and sweltering heat.

wearing … my pajamas (black cropped pants, green v-neck and a sweatshirt). As soon as I finish this, I’m going to hop in the shower and get ready for the day.

drinking … water and a Diet Dr. Pepper. It’s an addiction. I know.

thinking … it’s crazy to have 8-year-olds do full-blown science projects and compete in the Science Fair. Basically, mom and dad have to do most of the work, so what’s really the point?

reading … I just finished “Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children” and loved it. I started “The Night Circus,” but I’m only two pages into it, so I can’t tell you if I like it yet.

eating … nothing. I’m going to have a banana in a minute, because I need to eat something when I take my medication. And then, I need to come up with a plan for dinner. Maybe something in the crock pot? We’ve ben doing a ton of crock pot cooking. Mike’s in full on tax-season mode, so dinner is all me. And, well, I’m not the best cook. Thankfully the crock pot levels the playing field and makes everything yummy.

wondering … if I can get my Project Life pages done in less than two hours. It would be a record. I just been to focus (I tell myself this all the time, let’s see if it works today).

enjoying … my new yoga practice. Well, I call it a practice, but really I’ve been to two yoga classes in less than a week, so it’s not quite a practice yet. I’m trying out different classes, teachers and studios so I can find a yoga home. I love the work out, the stretch and how grounded it makes me feel. My doctor tells me this should make a difference with my arthritis and I’m willing to try anything.

feeling … yucky today. I have a sore throat, congestion and some gross crud coming up. I know, TMI! As soon as my doctor’s office opens, I'll be making an appointment. I’m grateful he saves same day appointments for situations just like this. I’m also feeling a little uninspired. That’s why this post wasn’t up on Friday. And that’s why I have nothing exciting and creative to share today. I need to recharge my creative batteries.

wanting … a new computer. I use my work computer for everything and it frustrates me. It’s very temperamental and I’d like to switch to a Mac.

needing … to get Shelby’s math work caught up. We’ve been doing so much for her science fair project we let math slide. We finished her project this weekend, so we can go back to normal homework. I also need to get Valentine’s Day cards and treats for Cooper. And I have to put Shelby’s Valentine's treat bags together.

weather …  cold, cold, cold. My bare feet are freezing. I need to get some slippers on.