Technique: Playing with cutouts

The other day I saw a tutorial over at One Little Bird Designs’ blog: Non-Destructive Cut Outs Using Inner Shadows.  And now I’m obsessed.

I’ve had Silhouette envy for ages. But, I also know myself really well. If I bought a Silhouette, I’d use it once, maybe twice …  and then it would gather dust. I’m not a hybrid girl. I’m 100% digital and that’s okay with me. But every time I see a layout where they cut out something with their Silhouette, I get a little jealous. And then I stumbled onto this tutorial and everything has changed. Seriously, the tutorial along with One Little Bird’s shadow styles are awesome. I get my Silhouette-style cutout fix without buying a Silhouette … so life is good.

And since I’m obsessed, it’s no surprise that nearly every layout I’ve created in the last week features cutouts. Yep. I admit it. I’m obsessed. But I love it.

Here’s my favorite:


I used One Little Bird’s technique on the title (Breathtaking) and the scattered confetti. I love how it looks like I punched little holes in the background paper and patterned paper is peeking through. Love it.

Seriously, go check out the tutorial. At the end of the tutorial, you can download the shadow style she uses/created and they’re FREE. It’s awesome.