New Layout: I am 38

I’m in the middle of LOAD (Layout a Day ) right now, so I’m creating a ton of layouts and a lot of them are based on prompts.

The layout was loosely based on a prompt. I was suppose to scrap about myself and as I listened to the prompt I immediately wanted to create a page with a large 38 (my age) as the title. Once I decided on this, then I knew I needed to come up with 38 random things about myself to tie the journaling to the title.

The photos is a random self-portrait from when I was in Denmark in January. It was SO cold. Freezing actually … so this was my “holy crap it’s so cold, I have to wear my furry hood” shot.


Journaling reads:
1. I have naturally red hair, though I dye it a darker shade of red.
2. I’ve never broken a major bone.
3. I have broken my nose.
4. I’ve had one surgery.
5. I’ve had stitches twice, once on my leg and once on my chin.
6. I have two tattoos, though I’ve been tattooed three times.
7. I don’t like beer … at all.
8. I’ve been pregnant four times: two miscarriages and two kiddos.
9. I shared a room all growing up.
10. I snore … really, really loud.
11. I’m scared of flying.
12. I’ve had migraines since I was a teenager.
13. I wear glasses to read and work on my computer.
14. I learned to drive in a big, old yellow Chevy truck.
15. I once stole (borrowed) my brother’s car, a Chevy Nova.
16. I’m not a pet person.
17. I was married and divorced by the time I was 21 years old.
18. I don’t like being dirty.
19. I have a fondness for scarves, bracelets, candles, and cute socks.
20. I’m on my second marriage.
21. I think I’m really funny, my husband might disagree.
22. I have a degree in journalism.
23. I’m a germ freak.
24. I’m a voracious reader.
25. I work for a Danish company and spend a lot of time in Europe.
26. I joined the Army when I was 18.
27. I speak Spanish.
28. I graduated from BYU.
29. I spent 14 years in the military.
30. I ran (and finished) a half marathon.
31. I graduated from the Army’s Airborne School.
32. I’ve lived in Europe and South America.
33. I have four brothers and one sister.
34. I’m of Polish and Cherokee decent.
35. I burn easily.
36. I had two tumors on my left ovary when I was 37. They were benign.
37. I didn’t fly on an airplane for the first time until I was 18.
38. My middle name is Rose, like my Great Grandmother (Anna Rose) and my daughter (Shelby Rose).


Now it’s your turn. How back making a list about yourself. Use your age as the title and make a list equal to your age. Try to come up with random items people might not know about you. Come back and share a link of the page you create … I’d love to see your work.