Currently: Changes, anniversaries and sunshine



Images from our week

listening … to Shelby and Coop plan and execute a parade. They are marching around the house, pulling a wagon, singing songs.

wishing … my back didn’t hurt so bad. I’ve been seeing a doctor about the pain and my arthritis, but relief is slow coming. I’m so over it.

wearing … yoga pants and a sweatshirt. I haven’t gotten dressed for the day. It’s Sunday … we’re taking it easy.

drinking … a Diet Dr. Pepper. Don’t judge me, there are worse vices.

thinking … about signing up for this service. My BFF does it and she loves it. She sent me a link to join about six weeks ago, but there was a waiting list. I just got “approved” and can order my first box (if I am ready to that the plunge that is.)

reading … a lot of information about adopting a gluten free diet. Shelby has some serious issues (emotional and behavioral). She’s seeing a therapist and we’re thinking taking gluten out of her diet would help. It would be a huge change for all of us, so I’m trying to figure out how to best tackle it. Coop would probably benefit from it as well, since he seems to be addicted to gluten.

eating … nothing at the moment. I had a chocolate protein shake for breakfast and a Cutie (orange). I’ll have some more fruit for a snack and then either soup for lunch or another protein shake. Mike and I have dinner reservations tonight at Flemings Steakhouse, since it’s our anniversary. I’m saving my calories for dinner.

wondering … what my schedule will be like in the coming months. I’ve had minimal travel so far this year and it’s been helpful. I’ve been able to see some doctors I’ve needed to see (hello dermatologist and pain specialist); get the kiddos setup with a regular afterschool routine; and I’ve even been cooking dinner on a regular basis.

enjoying … hard boiled eggs. A lot. They are my go to snack at the moment. Low calorie and high in protein. I’ve also been enjoying taco salads. I make mine as “diet” friendly as possible, but Mike gets goodies like cheese and tortilla chips. Lots of lettuce and tomatoes, along with some really good taco sauce and I’m a happy girl.

feeling … a little sad. The creative team at Two Peas in a Bucket was disbanded last week. We have until the end of the month and then we’re all gone. Sniff. So sad. This is the third store I’ve been on that’s either closed or disbanded their team .. in less than a year. Total bummer. I think I’m going to just stick with the single creative team I have left – The Daily Digi – and focus my time on other creative projects (painting, sewing and getting my store/new site launched.

wanting … to sign up for this online painting class, from Creative Kismet. The girl who’s teaching it lives in Tucson and I stalk her blog all the time. She’s super talented and I’d love to learn from her. My only concern is time. I’m not sure what my schedule will look like in April, so I’m waiting and hoping for some clarity this coming week.

needing … to take a shower, wash my hair and figure out what I’m going to wear for our special Sunday Date Night. It’s our anniversary after all, so I need to gussy up a little more than usual!

weather …  cold and crisp, but sunny. It was cold, windy and rainy the last few days, so the return of the sun is greatly appreciated.