New Layout: I love it when it comes quickly

Some layouts just seem to come together. It’s like magic. Maybe the stars were aligned in a special way? Whatever it was, when I sat down to create this layout, it just came together with little effort. I love layouts like this. I used my most recent Mommy + Shelby photo and I took the journaling from a recent blog post. Fun little tip: I used an overlay to create the border treatment around the page (right now I’m really into adding goodies to the edges of my pages). The colors of the overlay didn’t match the color scheme of this layout (it was all sorts of bright, happy colors like pink, yellow, red and green). So I clipped a paper in a complimentary color to the overlay so it would “match” my palette. And then lowered the opacity of that overlay layer so it sort of fades into the background paper.

I love that with just a few tweaks, I can use the same supply on multiple pages and it doesn’t look the same.



Journaling reads:

Right now: Shelby is super into Girl Scouts. We went to the Girl Scout store last week and she used her own money to buy this t-shirt. She wore it two days in a row (I washed it in between) and really wanted to wear it a third day (I said no).  She’s growing her bangs out, so they are at an awkward length right now. If she doesn’t pin them back, they are in her eyes, but they aren’t quite long enough to really pull back. Getting through this is a challenge for both of us!