I’m not on vacation … just sick & swamped


I’m sick . Yucky sick. And I’m traveling for work this week, which makes being sick even worse. Luckily, I’m in Atlanta at our US office, so I’m not meeting with customer in my icky state. Add to that a major project deadline, with long, long hours of work (the deadline is still there, sick or not) and I’m tired and cranky. Basically, I’m not feeling all that motivated to blog.

I’m behind on Project Life. I only finished 1.5 pages for week 10 (March 3-9) and I haven’t even started week 11. If I feel better tomorrow, I might start it … but I might just wait until the weekend to catch up.

Next week is Spring Break. The kiddos and I are going on lots of adventures. I’m looking forward to time off and relaxing with my favorite people.

Check back soon for new Project Life pages, tech tips and digi goodies. I’m off to to curl up in my hotel room bed with a new audiobook and some saltine crackers.