{New layout} Fast Friends

Hello there. I’m alive and well if you were wondering. I have been busy with all sorts of things. Mostly, I’ve been focusing on self care. I’m super awesome at taking care of other people, but not so good at taking care of myself. I’m trying to change that. Self care for me right now looks like less blogging; less busy work; more connection; and more rest. I’ve also been taking steps to get well, both physically and mentally. That means tons of trips to doctors, therapists, acupuncturists, etc. It’s been such an inspiring journey, but more on that another day. For now, I have a new layout to share.

This is a layout I created for The Daily Digi using the April Digi Files and it features my daughter Shelby and her friend Eva, who happens to be the daughter of my dear friend (Sarah). I feel like this pages reflects my true style. I love it.


Journaling reads:

Thrown together simply because their mamas are friends, Shelby and Eva have become fast friends themselves. They clicked immediately. They are so much alike. I'm grateful Shelby has someone she can relate to so well.


What are working on? Any exciting projects or pages? I‘d love to check out your blog or work, so leave me a link in the comments.