{New Layout} Hanging with Ariel

Hell there. I have another relatively new layout to share with you. I really haven’t been scrapping much. Just a few layouts a month. I’ve been painting a ton lately, so that’s been filling pretty much all my creative time. Anyway, here’s one I did for The Daily Digi. It’s a photo from our January trip to Disneyland.


Journaling reads:

When making our plans for Disneyland, I really wanted to schedule at least one good, sit-down dinner. But I waiting until the last minute to get reservations, to there weren't a lot of options. In the end, we could only get a table at Ariel's Grotto. We knew Shelby would love it (she's been there before), but we weren't as sure about the boys, since it was all about the princesses. However, they loved it. They totally got into the whole thing and the princesses were super engaging, even with the boys. And, since the food was so stinking yummy, no one complained at all.  Success!