{New Layout} I love you

Sometimes when I create a layout, I have a million things to say. And the only way I can tell the story is with words … the journaling just keeps coming and coming. But then there are other times when the picture I’m using tells the whole story (and then some).

When I pulled this photo of me and Shelby out to work with I knew I wouldn’t have a ton of journaling. The story was in the photo: our noses touching; our eyes twinkling; and our smiles sweet. It tells the story of our love. It tells the story of a special mother-daughter connection. It tells the story of us.

My point? Not every, single page has to have journaling. For me, every page has to tell a story. That can be done in so many ways. Not get stuck think you have to do something. Do what works. Tell the story … that’s what’s important.


Journaling reads:

I adore you. Period. Everything about you.



P.S. This layout was created for The Daily Digi using a kit from the May Digi Files. The kit, Blagovesta Gosheva's Things I Love About You, might just be my favorite digital kit. Ever. It’s adorable, sweet and super versatile. Totally love it. Check it out here.