Creative Play: Painting

IMG 4645

I used to paint all the time. And then I stopped. Life got in the way. 

Recently, I picked up my brushes again and have been finding great joy in painting. I'm not a school-trained painter. To be honest, I really don't know what I'm doing. I just do what I like and enjoy "playing" with paint and color.

Most nights (late into the night in fact), you can find me working on a mixed-media canvas. I love to use newspaper -- I am a newspaper girl after all -- bright colors and drippy paint. It's incredibly therapeutic. 

I really love making backgrounds. A lot of times, I get stuck after I've made a background. I mean, what's next?  I stubbled with that for weeks, if not months. Last week I started scanning my backgrounds and then using my digi skills to finish up the canvas in Photoshop. Totally love the process and I'm in love with the finished product. I see more of this in my future. 

Have been indulging in creative play lately? What are you up to?