Project Life: An Update

I’m almost embarrassed to admit it, but I’ve fallen off the Project Life train. I was going strong for more 60 weeks and then … well nothing. In truth, I fell off the scrapbooking train, as well as the blogging train. For whatever reason (life), I had no desire to do any of it. I’m slowly starting to want to scrap again. And as my desire returns, I’ll start tackling my Project Life pages. I’m not sure if I’ll even try to catch up. Maybe I’ll just two pages for April and two pages for May … and then call it good. Who knows? I have to figure it out. For now, I’m just being kind to myself and scrapping when the mood strikes.

Here a page I did manage to finish … mind you, I only did one page for the week, so I have another one to do! This is the first half of Week 14, which includes Easter Sunday.