{Project Life} Still kicking ... but barely!

Every time I proclaim to be back on track when it comes to my Project Life ... I immediately proceed to to fall behind. I just need to throw any expectations out the window. Seriously. What's the point of expecting myself to "keep up?" It just makes me frustrated and that's no good. Will I ever learn? I sat down this weekend and tackled a few weeks. I used the just two kits (Just Jaimee's September Storyteller and May Storyteller) to narrow down my choices ... and I used just a few fonts like Homestead, Hero and Oswald. I love that even though I used a lot of the same supplies, the pages look super different.

Here's what I managed to crank out ... I managed to complete three weeks, six layouts total. I'm still behind, but I'm chipping away at the project and loving the process. So that's all that matters, right?

Let's start with Week 33 ... which covered the kids' first full week of being back in school.




Here's Week 34, which was a week where I was traveling for work.




Week 35 was a full and fun week. Both kiddos had field trips and there was some fun family time and play dates. It made it super easy to put these pages together because I had so much content.




Are you doing Project Life in 2013? What do you love most about it? What’s the hardest part of the project for you? This week I linked up with The Mom Creative, a site filled with great Project Life inspiration. If you have any questions about the supplies I use on my pages, please send me an email. I’ll gladly give you a list of credits.